Weekly Photo Challenge: Craving Everyday Life

This virus can kiss my ample behind.

I don’t know who caught it first, me or Philip. All I know is that the virus has beaten up on both of us, and I’m so over it. I just want life to go back to normal. You know, everyday life.

Thanks to this virus, Philip missed two days of preschool and was subjected to the same number of visits to the doctor. I missed was absent from work two days as well. When I’ve been there, I’ve demolished half a box of tissues and most of my bottle of hand sanitizer. I’ve felt like I’ve been in a fog. That’s probably because I’ve been dreaming of capfuls of NyQuil, bowlfuls of chicken noodle soup and blissful hours of sleep uninterrupted by my own or Philip’s coughing.

Not long after this virus struck I was walking the dog on our usual route through the neighborhood when I heard my name. My cousin’s wife was calling to me asking, “Where’s your helper?” I was feeling Philip’s absence, too. I’m just so used to walking with both of my boys. Sure, the walks go faster with just the dog, but it isn’t the same.

It’s all your fault, you nasty virus.

I’m tired of being mean mommy who makes her son cry by offering him “grape” flavored cough syrup. Yesterday, he was so upset by the sight of the medicine dropper that he cried until he threw up. Later, he coughed so much he threw up again.

I’m really starting to hate you, virus. You are making my son miserable. I am craving our regular, old, everyday life.

I know that we are both improving, but neither of us feels 100%. Philip doesn’t tell me how he feels, but I see it in his behavior. Bits of everyday life have gradually returned over the past few days.

We were able to go to the library.

We both had enough energy for a trip to the park.

Philip’s appetite increased.

He asked to go outside and play.

Philip has also been well enough to return to preschool. The daily report yesterday didn’t mention coughing or fussiness. Thank goodness. Instead, it was full of handwritten notes on the all the activities that Philip tried that morning including: playing with a frog prince toy, writing on a clipboard, trying (and then rejecting) a new snack, pretending to feed babies and dancing which “he really enjoyed.”

I am embracing each of these bits of everyday life. I am relishing each one that returns. I can’t wait until everyday life just is, and I start to take it for granted once more.

This post was written in response to the WordPress “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life.” It is dedicated to anyone who comes and kicks this virus’ ass for me. Thank you in advance.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Craving Everyday Life

  1. So sorry you’ve both been sick! Whenever they get sick, we do too-whether physically or just with worry! Glad he’s making so much exciting progress at school and, of course, that he is feeling better. The photos are adorable!


  2. Hope you both are 100% soon. It’s awful when we and our children are under the weather. My 3 year old is jealous of those blocks that Philip was playing with at the library!


  3. Awe! it is definetley going around. There is nothing worse when you feel achy and your little ones are sick. Throwing up just adds to the nastiness! Hope you get back to your “everyday life” soon! Yet, sometimes, as crazy as it seems, you can find some beauty amongst all the chaos. Immuno Boosters, that’s all I can say…too early for all this stuff right now! Get Well Soon!


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