love train

Today over at Outrunning the Storm, I learned about the Love Train. And I’m hopping on board.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that I wrote this post about happiness. Thinking about things I love makes me happy. Today has had its fair share of things I don’t love. I stayed home from work to take Philip back to the doctor. He was even more miserable than when we went on Monday. I was going to take myself to the doctor, too, but the pediatrician said that it is most likely we are both fighting off a virus. Not much the doctors can do for either of us. I think this is a good time to boost my immunity with positive thoughts.


  • The sound of Philip’s laughter
  • The way Roscoe wags his tailless behind to show me he is glad I’m home
  • A warm hug on a chilly day from my hubby
  • Discovering new places on a walk or a drive
  • Remembering a great tune that I can hum or sing in my head to pass the time (like “Love Train”)
  • Waking up refreshed from an afternoon nap
  • Getting a letter in the mail
  • Reading a good mystery in the backyard
  • Solving a challenging crossword puzzle
  • Perfectly crisp bacon, especially when I’ve made it myself
  • Losing track of time while chatting on the phone with my best friend
  • The solitude of the Outer Banks in March
  • Watching squirrels chase each other in a tree
  • A satisfying sneeze
  • Checking things off a to-do list
  • The way the smell of fresh-brewed coffee reminds me of my grandpa
  • Learning things from my son
  • Memories of eating coneys and drinking root beer out of frosty mugs with my family at the A & W Drive-in
  • Finding things I’ve hidden in a purse
  • Putting on clothes still warm from the dryer on a cold winter’s day
  • Blowing bubbles
  • That tired but exhilarated feeling after a good workout
  • This face

What’s not to love?

People all over the blogging world, join hands! You can get on this love train by linking your post over at Are You the Babysitter?

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