First day of school 2012

I left for work this morning with instructions to my husband.

“Please take a picture of Philip,” I told Peter. “Since it’s his first day back to school.”

I knew I had to make the request since Peter hadn’t taken a picture last week when Philip went to his orientation day. I definitely wanted one for today.

I called during my lunch break to find out how the first day went.

“How did it go?” I asked.



“Did you take pictures?”

“I only got a couple. It was too hard.”

I said that was fine, imagining Peter trying to get Philip ready to get in the car and go to school. I figured that, once Philip knew where he was going, he was probably impatient to get on his way. I realized I would have to be content with whatever pictures my hubby had got.

When I got home from work, Philip was asleep. He must have been so excited about being back to school that he had a hard time settling for his nap. Here I am waking him up. Er, trying to wake him up.

Going back to school is hard work

After Peter took this picture I asked, “How did the first day of school pictures turn out?”

“I don’t know,” Peter replied. “I didn’t check.”

I downloaded the pictures and got a pleasant surprise. Peter hadn’t just taken a picture of Philip at home before school. He took it at school:

Now THAT’S a back-to-school picture. Good job, hubby!

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