Second breakfast

This morning, Philip and I joined my parents at the American Legion. It was the monthly “Sons of the American Legion” breakfast. Neither of us had been before, but I knew that the food was served cafeteria style. This is a good option when dining with an impatient toddler.

Philip was a little nervous when we arrived since he had never been at the post before. He got anxious as we walked past the drinking fountain. I’m not sure if the fountain worried him or if he associates them with public restrooms. Of course, the fountain was actually located just outside the bathrooms, so maybe he has caught onto the pattern.

In a bit of poor planning on my part, I had assembled the makings of bacon and eggs for supper. Of course, I’m a big fan of breakfast and the foods associated with it, so having two “breakfasts” in one day was tolerable.

For our first breakfast, Philip and I shared a plate of scrambled eggs, sausage patties, hashed browns and toast. Philip wanted nothing to do with the potatoes or bread, but he did tuck into the eggs and meat. He even used his fork (a toddler-sized one that I brought from home) to eat the eggs.

Grandma watches as Philip nibbles at the sausage.

For supper, I wasn’t expecting Philip to eat more eggs, but he proved me wrong. Sure, he skipped the fork, but I’m always happy to see him eating. Of course, he immediately asked for bacon when I put it on the table at suppertime. That’s no surprise since he tried to take the slice of bacon off his Grandma’s plate this morning. Tonight, he had to use his PECS to receive additional slices.

I have to cut off the crusts, but at least Philip will eat toast

He also enjoyed some cinnamon toast this evening. I’ve been really pleased that, when we have breakfast for dinner (or “brinner” as an acquaintance calls it), he actually eats a varied meal. That’s why I thought it would be okay to have a second breakfast today. Anything to make sure my picky eater is well nourished.

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