Preschool Orientation Report


No, school has not actually started yet for Philip, but Wednesday was his orientation day. All of the routines were like a regular day but only four students attended.

During the twenty-four hours prior to drop-off, Peter asked me at least three times, “When do I have to take him to school in the morning?” The third time he added, “And what time is pick-up?” Mind you, Peter transported Philip to and from school all but a handful of days last year. It appears Peter regressed over the summer and could not remember the schedule. I wonder if that will help us qualify for extended school year next summer . . .

I guess orientation is not only for Philip, but for the whole family. I was blithely preparing my lunch Tuesday night when I realized that I had put Philip’s backpack away. I had to find it plus the empty chip container that is used to send communication between home and school. I was so excited that Philip went to bed at a reasonable hour that I forgot to write a note to his teacher. That will have to wait for next week when he begins attending school regularly.


Even though I didn’t send a note to school, Philip returned with his bag full of papers, including the September calendar, the bookmobile schedule and information about book orders. Of course, I was most interested in reading the daily report.  This is the pre-printed form on which the staff checks off what activities Philip has participated in that day, lists what he ate during snack and indicates if he has received any special services. For snack, Philip’s form read:

banana and a granola bar

The report indicated that he played mostly by himself, which is not surprising. The best part of the form was the handwritten note:

Philip seemed so excited to be back. He had a great day!

Last night, we saw one of the other teachers from the preschool at the grocery store. She was in the lobby when Philip arrived that morning. Remembering the routine, he immediately found a chair and sat down, waiting until it was time to go back to the classroom. She told us that Philip did a great job.

It makes me very happy to know that Philip is happy to go to school, too. It’s only a few more days before he can laugh and smile every morning as Peter makes the turn into the school’s driveway. Hopefully, at the right time.



Speaking of “hurray,” I submitted my post about last week’s open house to the SPD Blogger Network. It was published yesterday morning. In case you missed it, feel free to stop by the site to check it out. Or you can see it here if your favorite components of my posts are the pictures of Philip. I can’t say that I blame you.   

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