Take Care, Good Knight

The latest book from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library arrived in the mail on Saturday. I was going to write about it that evening, but I got distracted by the fingernail trimming success.

This month’s book is Take Care, Good Knight by Shelley Moore Thomas. It features adorable pictures by Paul Meisel. I read about half of it to Philip yesterday. I was having Philip practice responding to my “Turn the page” direction before I remembered that I had supper on the stove. To avoid mushy broccoli and burnt steaks, I had to stop reading. Philip has been flipping through the book since.

I can’t wait to finish the story to find out how the Good Knight assists the Good Dragons as the try to take care of the Wizard’s houseful of cats. The good dragons, who can’t read, are trying to intrepret the visual and written instructions let behind by the wizard. The cats are not pleased with the results so far.

Thanks again to the United Way of Ashland County for bringing this program to our community.

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