Thirteen Things Thursday: Summer Read to Me Program

Inspired by the “Read to Me” summer reading program at our local library, I was determined to read more books to Philip. As I mentioned in this post, reading to Philip isn’t easy. However, the chance to let Philip participate in the program and earn a prize for every fifteen books I read to him motivated me to get past the challenges. In other words, no more excuses!

We got off to a slow start. At first, I was reading to Philip from our collection at home. However, I decided since this was a library program, I would make sure to incorporate books from there. For the last two weeks, I stopped checking out books because I had restocked our home supply at the Friends of the Library Book Sale.

The program ends Saturday; we turned our last form in on Tuesday. Over the course of the past nine weeks, we completed six forms. I would say that is a success.

Here is sampling of thirteen of the books that we read.

1. My Mommy Hung the Moon: A Love Story written by Jamie Lee Curtis, illustrated by Laura Cornell

This is a book about all of the amazing things that a mother does. I was reading it to Philip while he was taking his bath. I got to the ending which says “My mom can do anything.” Peter happened to walk in at this point and muttered, “Yeah, right.” Thanks, hon.

After Sunday Supper, Philip wanted to go down into my parents’ basement where there is a stash of toys. There is also a bookcase, so I grabbed a book and read it to him as he played.

2. The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room by Stan and Jan Berenstain

Philip found this book on a shelf in my parents’ basement. After letting him turn through the pages several times, I finally was able to hold it and read it to him.

3. Curious George Learns the Alphabet by H.A. Rey

Philip loves watching Curious George. I always try to grab Curious George books when I spy them at the library. This was a fun one in which the man in the yellow hat teaches George the alphabet by turning the letters into objects that start with a given letter.

4. Pony Brushes His Teeth by Michael Dahl, illustrated by Oriol Vidal

Since Philip is consistently brushing his teeth now, I thought it would be good for him to see a book about the subject. This was a cute little board book.

5. Fabulous Fair Alphabet by Debra Frasier

Wow! The illustrations are amazing. The hyperlink above takes you directly to the author’s site to see samples from the book plus loads of activities to use in conjunction.

6. Until the Cows Come Home by Patricia Mills

This book is almost the opposite of the fair book described above. Whereas the first was bright, colorful and busy like a fair, Mills’ book is simple and stark.

7. The Little Lamb by Judy Dunn, photographs by Phoebe Dunn

This was another book Philip found on the bookshelf in his grandparents’ basement. This was one of my favorite books growing up.

8. Baby Radar by Naomi Shihab Nye

This book is the story about a stroller ride as experienced by the baby in the stroller.

9. Around the Park: A Book About Circles by Christianne C. Jones, illustrated by Ronnie Rooney

One of Philip’s stims earlier this summer was to draw circles. He would draw them with crayons and markers on paper or use sticks or his fingers in dirt. He would draw circles in the shaving cream in the bath tub. I thought he would like to trace the circles in this book. I was wrong, but he did seem to enjoy the colorful pictures.

10. Honk If You Like Honkers by Tony Geiss, illustrated by Tom Cooke

This was one of my recent book sale finds. It features the Sesame Street characters and the book includes a horn. Philip liked the challenge of figuring out how to press the book just right to be rewarded with a honk.

11. An Adventure with Morris Mouse by Maurice Pledger

I think it’s safe to say that pop-up books appeal to all children (and many adults, too). Philip is no exception, although I have to monitor him carefully when he is looking at books with flaps, tabs and extensions because he likes to tear off the pieces. Fortunately, this particular pop up book was already in our collection from an earlier book sale.

12. Don’t Get Lost by Pat Hutchins

This is a sweet story about some young farm animals that are admonished, “Don’t get lost!” before they depart on an adventure. At the end of their day when they head home, the fields don’t look like they remember, so the animals begin to worry.

Don’t worry. They didn’t get lost.

13. Spot Goes to the Library by Eric Hill

Of course, since we went to the library every week, I thought it would be good to check out a book about this. After this summer, I think Philip is becoming an expert. I’m so pleased that he likes going there and enjoys books.

5 thoughts on “Thirteen Things Thursday: Summer Read to Me Program

  1. Great stuff. Reading is a brilliant habit to get Philip into and you never know where it will lead. This year I’m doing a project to read a book from every country in the world and it’s brought into contact with people and organisations all over the planet. Best of luck with your next literary adventures…


  2. Wow thanks for sharing all your great book selections. My kiddos love Curious George too…especially the one where he’s with the firefighters. I’m so glad that Phillip has take to books because there are many ways you can use them as he progresses. It helps build receptive language as well as it helps him with word recognition.


  3. Well, you’ve inspired me to be more dilligent with Joel. It is also extremely difficult to get Joel to sit still for a story, but it is also so very worthwhile. Thanks for posting the book list. I’ll have to look for some of these.


    1. Philip is often doing something else while I’m reading, but I know that’s the first step to engaging him with books. Last week, he started responding to the phrase “Turn the page.” I was very excited, especially when he would only turn one page.


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