So cute I can bearly stand it

Last Saturday during our weekly trip to the library, Philip turned in his summer reading program form in exchange for a prize.

“Hi, Philip!” said the librarian who helped us. She recognized Philip from Family Story Time. “I’m the one who led the session about cowboys, ” she explained to me.

I smiled, recalling my confusion a week earlier over receiving a picture message on my cell phone from a number I didn’t recognize. I was creeped out until I saw the photo.

Philip sitting by the “camp fire” after hearing stories about cowboys.

I was glad that she spoke up because she let me know that she would also be leading the story time today.  She told me that all of the children were to bring a teddy bear with them.

“It doesn’t have to be a bear, just any stuffed animal,” she explained. “It shouldn’t be a favorite,” she added “because the bears are going to sleep over at the library.”

I don’t take Philip to story time, so I passed this message along to my mom. She got really excited. And I mean really.

“Are you going to send his big bear?” she asked.

I told her no since 1) the thing is huge and I couldn’t imagine her lugging it and Philip into story time and 2) Philip loves to wrestle with the bear, providing lots of great sensory input, so I didn’t want to be without it for a week.

Undaunted, my mom said, “I’ll take my bear.”

She was referring to a similar oversized bear that resides in her basement. Half the size of Philip’s bear, she bought it for my nieces.

“That’s not necessary,” I assured my mom. “I’ll send one of Philip’s panda bears.”

“I’ll take mine, too,” she said, ignoring me.

Note: My parents are faithful readers of this blog. I guess I should insert a “Hi, Mom!” here and mention that I love her, even when she ignores me. And thank her for taking Philip to story time.

I decided to let the  matter drop and avoided mentioning the bear to the library thing for the rest of the week. I figured she would forget all about it.

Yeah, right.


I woke up this morning and peeked into Philip’s room. He wasn’t on his bed. The gate was still up, so I furiously hoped assumed he was in his room somewhere. I peered farther into the right and found him.


Cute, huh? This is why the big bear was staying home.

While he was still asleep, I got out his panda bear and put it with his diaper bag. In the bag I had packed everything that Grandma would need for her day with Philip.

After work, I drove to my parents’ to pick up Philip. His panda bear was sitting on their kitchen counter beside the diaper bag.

“I thought the animals were spending the night at the library,” I said to mom.

“They are,” she assured me.

I was confused until she showed me the pictures that she had taken during story time.

I recognize that bear. Oh, and the kid, too.

“Is that your bear?” I asked.


From the looks of the rest of the pictures, Philip and the bears had a great time. For the craft, they made paper crowns.

Will he wear it?

Yes, he will!

And so will panda

I’m glad that my mom agreed to take Philip to story time. I know we were both hesitant at first, unsure how Philip would behave. Sure he may not look like he’s paying attention, and he may not be for all I know.

Mom’s bear gets center stage. Philip looks elsewhere.

Still, I think it has been important for Philip to have this structured activity each week and to be around other children and adults.

Most importantly, Philip is spending quality time with his grandma. And her bear.


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