Yesteryear Machinery Club Annual Show

In contrast to last Saturday’s hot, sunny, hot, humid, hot and did I mention hot weather, this morning was overcast and comfortably cool. Last weekend’s weather kept us away from the Mansfield Airport Day, so I was pleased when I realized we would not have similar problems for the Ashland County Yesteryear Machinery Club’s Annual Show. I was doubly pleased when Peter actually agreed to go with Philip and me.

When we first arrived, I thought Philip wasn’t going to pay any attention to the tractors set up on the grounds of the Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center. He was much more interested in the Center’s digital sign.

I saw the sign

When we finally moved out of sight of the sign, Philip did take notice of the machines. However, he also kept on the lookout for weeds, rocks, sticks and debris that caught his interest. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s best to let him hold onto one of these found objects. I know now these are a sensory anchor for him. When he is grasping something in his hand, he is then able to look around and take in the world around him.

With a piece of straw in hand, Philip is able to check out the John Deeres on display. And yes, I made sure he was wearing his own John Deere shirt.

There was an amazing variety of models and brands of farm equipment. John Deere was the featured brand with a large collection of tractors, mowers and other equipment set up in the center of the show. But participants who are fans of International, Farmall and Allis-Chalmers didn’t let John Deeres steal the show.

Hubby was impressed by the number of machines on display. I think he was glad he agreed to go with us.

Philip’s interest was piqued when we came upon the displays of running motors and engines. The sputtering and steam caught his attention right away.

Start your engines

I’m fascinated by the people who have made sure that such equipment be preserved. There was a Ford delivery truck from 1917 and another vehicle from 1903. I was a bit jealous of the couple taking a spin in the parking lot.

There were so many machines that we didn’t get to see them all. Philip was looking, but I knew that his patience for walking beside me hand in hand would soon wane.

The show ends Sunday. Tomorrow’s activities include a kiddie tractor pull. It takes place during Philip’s nap time, so I think I’ll file that away for the future. If the weather cooperates as well as it did today, I’m sure we’ll be attending the event again next summer.


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