Bubble gunslinger

It has been at least a month since I last brought out the bubble gun. As with many items that make a noise, Philip is cautious around our bubble gun. The whir of the fan usually makes him flinch. However, as with other novel objects, curiosity wins out, and he is compelled to inspect the item up close.

Tonight was no exception. When I first used the bubble gun, Philip scrunched his eyes, but soon he was beside my side watching what I was doing. Next, he was guiding my hand into the liquid. Then, he put his hand over my hand when I would push the button to make the bubbles. In his usual observant way, he noticed that the ridges of the button were making an impression in the skin on my thumb each time I depressed the button.

After watching me and helping me, Philip wanted to try the bubble gun himself. Before long, he had figured out just the right amount of pressure required to hold the button down and produce bubbles.

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He loved the bubble gun so much that he carried it around the yard pushing the button. He no longer wanted to make bubbles, but wanted to just watch and listen to the fan. He did this for a good ten minutes before finally setting it on the ground to play with something else.

4 thoughts on “Bubble gunslinger

    1. This was a gift. Like you, I probably wouldn’t have bought one. And it was my husband that first took it out of its packaging. Now, I’m so happy we have it. Even when Philip could care less, I’ll still makes bubbles. I find it very therapeutic.


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