The heat is on

This is the story of how we didn’t attend Airport Day.

What’s airport day? It’s an event for all things aviation-related held on the airfield in a nearby city. I first learned about it last July when I read a newspaper article about the event. The article appeared after the event, so I missed the opportunity of taking Philip. I made a mental note to find out when it would be held this summer so that I could make sure we would not miss it.

I found out the date for the 2012 airport day and marked my calendar. I waited until last week to tell Peter about it. I find it is better to spring certain activities on him so that he has less time to decide he doesn’t want to go. I got a “maybe” when I asked him yesterday if he would go with me and Philip.

This morning, when I asked him if he would join us, he said, “I guess so. It’s gonna be hot.” I agreed, telling him that’s why I wanted to go early. To expedite matters, I left Philip on the couch to wake up while I walked the dog by myself. I figured I would get plenty of exercise walking around at airport day, so I didn’t need to take Philip out in the stroller.

Oh my word, was it HOT when I walked the dog. And it wasn’t even 7:00 am.

Undaunted, upon my return from walking the dog, I told Peter I was going up to shower and dress.

If I am awake enough, I do some quality thinking in the shower. This morning, I was thinking that it was too hot to go to Airport Day. I also thought of all the other things that I could do with Philip if I wasn’t in a hurry to go to that event.

Here is how we spent our day.

First stop was the gas station. I originally planned this as a stop on the way to the library, but I tacked on a stop at the park since the library wasn’t even open yet. Philip raced his way around the tot lot at the park. He was on the sunny side while I sat in the shade. He promptly got hot and sweaty, so it was a good thing the air-conditioned library was now open.

Once at the library, Philip returned our books and movies into the proper slots and then we made our circuit around the library. I changed things up a bit by trying to go to the adult fiction section first. Philip steered me over to a dollhouse displayed outside the reading room. He really enjoys studying its intricacies.

Lots of detail to examine

 After Philip finished pressing his nose (and lips) against the plastic casing protecting the dollhouse, I finally got to look for a book for me. Mr. Impatient was not interested in perusing the stacks with me, so off we went to the children’s area. Here, Philip turned in his slip of fifteen books in exchange for another summer reading program prize.

You’re a star!

 Philip quickly picked out his prize, so it was off to the fish tank. He gave the fish a cursory glance since he was more interested in the stuffed star he had picked out as his reward. I grabbed more books for him before we went over to the play area.

I tried to get Philip to use one of the lacing cards, but he opted to play with puzzles. Every single one of them. When he reached the last one, I stacked them on the shelf and we went to pick out some movies. This was followed by our obligatory stops at the windows before checking out.

I was glad to have spent an hour in the cool library rather than on the hot tarmac at the airport. We went home for a snack, a drink and a change of diaper before our next adventure: a trip to the spray park.

We arrived just after they opened. The staff member was still setting up signs. Even though the park is within walking distance, I drove since the temperatures had only gotten higher as the morning wore on.  Philip, no longer fearful of the water, ran right over.

Another child who later did this same thing announced, “Look! I’m picking the crocodile’s nose!”

 As I watched him play, I mentally kicked myself for not putting on my own swimsuit under my clothes. Many other parents in attendance had done so and were enjoying the cool spray of water. I was standing off to the side with my eye on Philip when a woman said, “Hey, you’re loitering.” I turned to see it was the staff member on duty. She lowered her sunglasses, and I recognized her as the secretary at Philip’s preschool. I made sure that I took Philip to see her before we headed home for lunch.

Back at home, I changed Philip out of his wet clothes and fed him lunch. He wanted to color before he was ready for his nap. By the time he woke up from this, it was too late for a return to the spray park. Instead, I filled up the pool in the backyard. Philip had a good time sticking his pin wheel in the stream of water from the hose, splashing us both with cool water.

Philip played in his pool for a while, and then used its water to make mud. He was having fun, but I was convinced I was going to melt into my lawn chair. It was back inside for supper and more coloring.

We took one final trip to the backyard before bathtime. I read my now-clean Philip a few books before we came downstairs. I decided it was time to break out the new dishes for sorting I bought last week. I had some colored pasta for Philip to sort. He wasn’t interested in sorting, but he played with the pasta for quite a while.

Mom, quit putting the pasta into the dishes. I’m quite happy with where the rotini are.

That brings us to bedtime. Even though we didn’t make it to airport day, I think Philip had fun. I’ll keep my eye out for Airport Day 2013. And if the weather is hot again, we’ll find other ways to keep ourselves entertained.

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