Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moments at Balloonfest

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This weekend, I took Philip to enjoy a few of the events at the annual Ashland Ohio Balloonfest. The weather was not fully cooperative. On Thursday night, the weather was too hot for an ascension. The balloons did a fly-over on Friday morning, but not while Philip, Roscoe and I were on our morning stroll.  By late Friday afternoon, the massive storm that knocked out power to the south of us caused the cancellation of Friday evening’s events. Bad weather put a stop to Saturday morning’s fly-over, too.

On Saturday afternoon, we were over at my parents’ to celebrate my mom’s birthday party so we skipped with the activities on Freer Field. When we went home, we did spy two balloons flying over our house. When I saw them and watched how intrigued Philip was by them, I decided to take him to the balloon glow that night.

Arriving at the field about an hour before the glow.

Almost all of the thirteen balloons participating in the glow had inflated by this point.

My camera was not meant to take pictures at night. At least you get a decent impression of the size of the crowd attending.

Once Philip started rubbing his eyes, we headed home. He kept looking back to see the balloons, but I knew he was getting tired. The high temperatures have just sapped the energy out of him. He was asleep within twenty minutes of returning home.

This morning, the weather appeared perfect for the final fly-over. I didn’t bother to check before loading Philip into the stroller. We arrived at the field and saw just a handful of people waiting for balloons. But, since they did appear to be waiting, Philip and I joined them.

Philip had cereal, and I had coffee, so the wait wasn’t horrible. I saw a father and son move into the shade of the now-empty souvenir tent. I decided to copy their idea and ended up passing the time chatting with the dad.

As an aside, the son brought one of chairs from the tent over and placed it beside Philip’s stroller for me. Without being told or asked. There just might be hope for the future!

Soon, a murmur rose in the (small) crowd as the first balloons appeared on the horizon.

Soon, we were treated to a steady stream of balloons passing over the field.

Philip giggled watching several of the pilots throw markers down onto the target. It was a real treat when several of the balloonists briefly touched down before resuming flight.

Not many people joined us this morning, but maybe they were like my parents who were able to enjoy the balloons from their front porch.

One of the low-flying balloons made its path right over our heads. This was too much for Philip. He did not like seeing it so close and hearing the whoosh of flame heating air. I held his hand and he squeezed it tightly until that balloon was out of sight.

Looking up before the noise and sight scared him

I’m sure that I’m not the only one that was glad the weather held for this final event. Despite his fear with that one balloon, I would say that he enjoyed our morning jaunt to the field.

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