Thirteen Things Thursday: Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Today is my mom’s birthday. I’ll be polite and not disclose her age here. Instead, I’ll pay tribute with thirteen things that Philip would probably like to tell his grandma.

I is for inspiration. You inspire me to try new things and to play with all my heart.

H is for hugs. Thanks for all of them!

E is for encouragement. Thanks for cheering me on.

A is for adventures. You take me tp new places to see new things and meet new people.

R is for rocking chair. Thanks for rocking me to so I can fall asleep or to calm me when I cry.

T is for toys. Thanks for all of the cool toys that are fun and teach me things even when I don’t know I’m learning.

G is for graham crackers and all of the other goodies you give me to eat.

R is for reading. Thanks for taking me to story time, for buying me books.

A is for accepting. Thanks for accepting who I am and loving me no matter what.

N is for naps. Thanks for making me take a nap even when I don’t want to.

D is for driving me to school and the library. I’m glad I get to spend this time with you.

M is for memories. Thanks for making memories with me.

A is for amazing. What more can I say? I hope you have an amazing birthday.

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