Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

When WordPress announced this week’s photo challenge, I was certain I would end up posting a picture of Philip drawing in the sand or with his markers. Tonight, Philip offered me an alternative.

My parents were at our house for our weekly Sunday Supper. I made spaghetti with meat sauce. I set aside some plain pasta for Philip. He has eaten spaghetti in the past, but started rejected it around the same time he developed his other food aversions. I have to admit that its starchy, sticky texture could be off-putting.

In keeping with his improved manners with foods that he doesn’t want, Philip didn’t just immediately throw the spaghetti. In fact, he spent fifteen minutes playing with it. Both my mom and I modeled eating the strands for Philip, but he was too busy manipulating them.

Since he wasn’t making a mess and seemed content, I went back to my own meal and the conversation. That’s when Grandma announced, “You made a ‘P’ like Philip.” I looked at his tray and saw that he had formed several P-shapes and lines. It did almost look like he was trying to spell his name.

The photo isn’t the best, but I did want to capture this creation.

Coincidentally, the stay-at-home mom who blogs over at Sensory Speak just posted about the food school routine that she uses with her child who, among other sensory challenges, has many food aversions. It was an interesting read that I encourage you to check out.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

      1. haaha, too bad you missed out on doing that back when you could! hey, there’s always time when no one is looking!


  1. That is fantastic!!! I love seeing kiddos play with their food! It’s one aspect of parenting I think a lot of parents have changed. Don’t let them get messy. If they do, we have to clean them up right away. Not that we mean to, but if often times causes them to miss out on a developmental process of infant/toddlerhood. Playing with food helps kids learn about the properties/textures of foods. I’m so, so happy for Phillip! Oh, and thanks so much for the shout out to my blog. I really hope it helps give parents/caregivers some ideas of how to approach the eating process utilizing a positive approach at each child’s level of readiness 🙂


    1. One thing I didn’t mention in this post is his new fascination with blueberries. He won’t actually chew and eat one, but he will put them in his mouth. After reading your post, I decided this was still a step in the right direction!


  2. I thought he was totally trying to spell his name. 🙂 We let our kids play with food, especially new things we are introducing, to help them get accustomed to the texture, etc. It has worked for pasta and for pudding/yogurt. We fingerpaint with a lot of stuff, too…a huge mess, but if it helps them get used to it, then I’m all for it.


    1. It looked like the start of his name to me, too! I have some plain spaghetti left, so I should let him play with it more tonight.
      I really need to get over myself and let him play with some other foods. So what if it’s messy? That’s what bath time is for!


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