Weekly Photo Challenge: Today is Monday

This week, WordPress issued the challenge is to take pictures of today. I’ve decided to participate every day this week to show each unique “today.”

Today is Monday.

I made beef and rice for supper. Philip saw the food as I was dishing it up and ran over to his high chair and climbed in. By himself.

We had success last month with Philip using a spoon to eat this dish. I put some in a bowl, gave him his spoon, and he fed himself once again.

I had to get him a refill

Not only was I pleased to see him self-feed with a spoon, I noticed that his coordination had improved allowing more rice to go in his mouth and less on his lap.

I’m so excited, I’m including two pictures. Plus, you gotta love the look on his face. It’s as if he’s thinking, “Can’t a guy eat in peace?”

After supper, we walked the dog.

Lovely weather for walk

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