Weekly Photo Challenge: Today is Sunday

This week, WordPress issued the challenge is to take pictures of today. I’ve decided to participate every day this week to show each unique “today.”

Today is Sunday. We didn’t have any errands to run or projects for the day. Since we now have our own backyard swing set, we didn’t even go to the park.

Fresh air, sunshine, mild temperatures, play in our own backyard

I read a book while Philip played. When it was lunch time, I took Philip in the house. I washed his hands and went to fix him something to eat. This is what he did while I got lunch ready.

I guess he wasn’t hungry

I thought a nap sounded like a wonderful idea. I took a shower and then laid in bed with my book. I wanted to finish the chapter before my nap. Unfortunately, Philip was awake after only forty-five minutes. No nap for Mommy.

When it became obvious that Philip wasn’t going to fall right back asleep, I fed him lunch and then it was back outside. We spent most of the day outside with a few breaks in the house.

On most Sundays we have supper with my parents. We headed over at our usual time.  Philip colored while he waited for Grandpa to pick up the pizzas we would eat.

I can’t believe he chose a white crayon. Philip usually prefers darker colors that he can easily see on the page.


What do you have to say about that?

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