Thirteen Things Thursday: 13 new experiences in the last 7 days

  1. Last Friday was the first day of Philip’s first summer vacation.
  2. On Friday, Philip stood beside me at the kitchen counter as I chopped veggies for supper. As he watched me slice raw, red peppers he said “Agh!” When I offered him a sampling, he said “Bleh!” I guess he really didn’t want his first taste of red pepper.
  3. After the pancake breakfast on Saturday, we went to the park. For the first time, Philip went down the slide in the area for slightly older children.     
  4. Our next stop after the park was our weekly trip to the library. This was the first time that Philip played with a lacing card. 
  5. Later that afternoon, I decided it was time for a new bag of sand in Philip’s turtle sandbox. The first fifty pounds has been dispersed, and Philip has been scrapping the bottom of the box. Philip was so happy he went in whole-body. 
  6. When we went to my parents for Sunday Supper, Philip at a hot dog for the first time. With a fork!
  7. After supper, Grandma got out the new therapy ball that my parents had bought for Philip. He had seen it on Mother’s Day, but Sunday was the first time that he really played with it. He would hit it with his hand as he raced beside it. I was quite impressed by the coordination that he demonstrated. 
  8. On Monday, we picked up the new step stool that we had ordered. When we first set it in front of the kitchen sink, he thought it was a chair and sat down. Now he is obsessed with standing at the sink. Note to self: Do not leave dishes in the sink because Philip might use a cereal bowl to pour water on the floor while you are at work. Much to your husband’s dismay.   

    A step up

  9. On Monday night, I got out the can of shaving cream I had bought over the weekend. Philip played with it for the first time during his bath.
  10. On Tuesday, I started using a picture schedule with Philip at home for the first time. The OT had made a folder with us that had Velcro strips, but I hadn’t quite work out where we would keep this or the logistics of using it. I also didn’t want him to get these pictures confused with his PECS book. I decided to put the cards on a binder ring to create a portable schedule similar to what Philip uses at school. I’m slowly learning what additional pictures I might need to add. It is going to take me awhile to get this organized.

    The card says “Take shoes off”

  11. On Wednesday morning, Peter needed to return something to the preschool. He and Philip went and this was the first time that Philip had been there in the morning without actually going to school. His speech therapist asked him for a hug, but he pushed away from her and tried to find the chairs that are usually in the lobby for morning arrival.
  12. On Wednesday, I finally opened the package of magnets that Philip had received at the Family Fun Fair. I had been saving them for summer time when I knew Peter would need some new activities to keep Philip both learning and entertained.

    Lined up, of course

  13. In addition to messy play, another strategy for helping children with Sensory Procesing Disorder is something called “heavy work.” Formally known as “propioceptive input,” anything that involves pushing, pulling or otherwise activate the muscles and joints, benefits children with SPD. When we went to the grocery store on Wednesday, I showed Philip how to push the cart. I’ve tried before, but he has gotten upset when I’ve altered the routine of putting in the seat of the cart. Last night, however, he was willing to give this a try. In fact, he enjoyed it so much he didn’t want to stop pushing. After a few minutes, I put him in the cart so that I could pick up my groceries.

3 thoughts on “Thirteen Things Thursday: 13 new experiences in the last 7 days

    1. I haven’t been able to find any heavy work that Philip will do on a regular basis. I’m definitely going to keep trying the shopping cart manuever.
      What activities have you had the most success with?


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