Hot dog!

Slowly but surely we are making more progress on the eating front. Tonight, while eating Sunday Supper at my parents’, Philip ate half a hot dog. He has never tried a hot dog before. Technically, that is no great loss since hot dogs aren’t the height of nutrition, but it is good that Philip is experimenting with new textures and flavors.

Last week, I shared my exciting news that Philip fed himself beef and rice with a spoon. Tonight, Philip not only ate a hot dog, he did so using a fork. Hot dog, indeed!

Philip didn’t give me a chance to put the pieces of hot dog in his bowl, but I couldn’t complain when he used a fork to snatch them off of my plate.

Nom, nom, nom



6 thoughts on “Hot dog!

    1. It is exciting. But, I have to admit, that I’m also kind of excited when Philip says “bleh” when offered a food he doesn’t want. He used to take foods and throw them. I’m going to count “bleh” as one of his first words.


      1. I would too:) The minute they replace physical expression with words or a sound….its an interaction that we want so definitely a win. Congrats.


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