Thirteen Things Thursday: Hi & Bye

Mrs. T helped Philip on an obstacle course after he said hi to her
  1. When we attended the Family Fun Night, Philip said hi to his speech therapist. She almost cried she was so excited. She immediately texted Philip’s teacher who had been unable to attend the event. I think she may have cried some happy tears upon reading the text.
  2. Sometimes I forget to say goodbye to Philip. It seems I’m always running late, like I’m always in a rush to get out the door. I got out of the habit of saying goodbye to him since I was never getting a response.  That’s not an excuse, so I have to make the time to add a goodbye to my departure ritual.
  3. Not long after that family night, Philip started saying hi to staff when he arrived at school in the morning. Everyone was excited.
  4. Philip has never said hi to me or to Peter. However, most evenings when I return from work, I am rewarded with a huge smile and hug.
  5. The teacher who works in the classroom next to Philip also works at the grocery store where we shop. When we see her bagging groceries, she always says hi to Philip. We both try to get Philip to look at her and respond. No hi or bye for her yet.

    The other teacher wasn’t working when we did our shopping on Tuesday. No chance to practice hi & bye

  6. One Sunday after dining at my parents, Philip appeared to wave and said something that sounded like “bye” to Grandpa before we left.
  7. Philip stopped saying hi to staff when he returned to preschool after spring break.
  8. Yesterday was the last day of preschool. Peter and I met with the IEP team. Because of this language loss, Philip qualifies for extended school year.  If all goes well, his current speech therapist will provide the service. We said goodbye to her for now, but will see her in the summer.

    Everyone helps Philip with PECS. We’re happy he’ll continue to receive therapy through the summer

  9. Since I had to take time off work to attend the IEP meeting, I spent the morning with Philip at preschool. As we waited for the doors to open, he said hi to a classmate.

    Philip didn’t talk to this girl from another class, but he did play with her. Apparently, Miss K is quite found of Philip

  10. We had considered enrolling Philip in a six-week summer preschool program. We said goodbye to that idea after the IEP meeting.  After talking it through with staff, we concluded that the twelve sessions might confuse Philip with a new set of teachers and its own set of routines. Instead, we signed Philip up for a “Sensory Needs and Strategies” program that meets twice a week in two four-week sessions.

    Swinging helps Philip get ready to learn

  11. My mom picked up Philip after school so that we could attend the IEP. When my dad got home from work, he went down the hall to see if Philip was up from his nap. Upon sight of his grandpa, Philip stood up in the crib, smiled widely, threw up his hand and said hi.

    Grandma had to change Philip’s clothes when she took him home. He likes to fully immerse himself in the sand

  12. My dad’s cousin leaves one street over from us. We often pass by his house on our evening walks. When my cousin and his wife are outside, I try to have Philip say hi and goodbye to them.
  13. This morning was the end of school picnic. Grandma, Philip and I attended the event at the local park. Philip had a great time spinning Mrs. W on the merry-go-round, watching a bubble machine, playing beneath a parachute and jump, jump, jumping in a bounce house. We said goodbye to all of his teachers for the summer.

Pure joy under the parachute

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