My day in pictures

Today, I’m participating in a photography project through The challenge?

Together we will photograph what our lives look like on May 15th 2012. Our goal is to inspire perspectives on humankind – today and tomorrow.

That’s quite an ambitious goal, and a very exciting one, too.


Exciting. As I sit half-way through the day, I’m reminded of a scene in Chicken Run. The plump Babs has not laid any eggs since she was so busy learning how to fly (um, you better go watch the movie. No time to explain here.) Fearing that she is about to be snatched up and butchered by the farmer’s wife, she faints. Upon arousing from her near-death experience she proclaims, “Me whole life flashed before me eyes.” After pausing to reflect she adds, “It was really boring.”

That’s how I’m feeling at the moment. My life is really boring. The sky was beautiful when I walked the dog this morning. But it wasn’t until I was already outside with him that I remembered today was the day to take pictures. I was equally camera-less when I got Philip ready for school.

Roscoe after morning walkies

My commute to work was rather dull. Yesterday, I passed a half-dozen Amish buggies and had to stop for a school bus. Not today.

It’s finals week at the college where I work, so there weren’t swarms of students on campus when I was out during my lunch break. I didn’t have any projects for my lunch break other than a trip to the mail box. Snooze.

Netflix: single-handedly keeping the US Postal Service in business?


Maybe boring isn’t a bad thing. My day didn’t start all that early. I’m sure there are people out there with jobs that force them to be up before the sun or to just be getting off of work as I am stumbling out of bed. For once, Philip stayed asleep all night, so I actually slept through the night in my nice warm bed.

I enjoy indoor plumbing and hot water for a morning shower

I have other advantages over others. I was able to take a shower before going to work. I had breakfast and enough food to pack a lunch. I have a job, so I don’t have to worry (as much) about my income. I drove to work, not having to rely on public transportation or even my own two feet.

Making a turkey sandwich-I won’t go hungry today.

Yeah, boring isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


During my afternoon break, the excitement on campus picked up. By the time I took a walk, students were gathered in the large lawn area outside of the library. Someone had set up inflatable bounce houses so the students could bust stress during study breaks. That made for some interesting photo ops.

The bounce maze is a special treat for final weeks. The bare feet are par for the course with the hippie students

By this point in the afternoon, I could also look forward to leaving work. I don’t hate my job, but who doesn’t perk up at the thought of going home?


I ended up taking over one hundred pictures today. I’ve decided I’m going to upload them to Facebook and let my friends help me choose the ten that I will upload to

What? You thought I didn’t take any pictures of Philip? As if.
Here we are walking into the grocery store

I’m glad I participated in the project. Rather than just going through the motions of a normal, “boring” day, I thought about what I was doing and how it might be different from other participants. More importantly, I was forced to think about people who don’t have a digital camera, a computer, internet access and the time to take pictures of their day.

A day-just enough time to stop and think.


5/19/12 Update:

I uploaded my 10 photos to the site. Here is the link to my participant profile:


2 thoughts on “ My day in pictures

  1. I also had over a hundred photos . . . I don’t know if I missed it, or if they never mentioned it, but had I realized it was only going to be 10, I would have planned something different (a shorter, more focused narrative).

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. I don’t remember when I first read about the 10 photo limit, but I think I still would have taken as many as I did so that I could choose from a variety. I narrowed it down to about forty and then subjected my Facebook friends to them so that they could help me pick the photos.


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