Eating it up

I wasn’t going to write a post today. After my April Autism Awareness blogathon, I figured my handful of followers deserved a break. Plus, I’ve enjoyed having the pressure off, not having to scramble to cobble together words before midnight.

The day has been normal enough. Philip and I went on our weekly trip to the library. I snapped a picture of him helping me to return our materials. This made me happy, but I didn’t think I needed to blog about it.

He took a moment to examine each item before dropping it through the slot

After we finished at the library, we went to the park. I took pictures there, too. In this one, Philip was having fun spinning the merry-go-round and watching its shadow. Cute, but not the fodder for an entire blog post.

Me and my shadow

After the park, we went home, ate lunch, played and eventually napped.

I was making an early supper when Philip awoke from his nap. I wanted to take him outside to play first, but he seemed content to be inside. When the meal was ready, I told Philip, “Time to eat.” He went over to his high chair.

I had made beef and rice for supper. Sometimes Philip will eat the dish, sometimes not. Sometimes he will only eat the ground beef, other times he has eaten the rice, too. Every time he has used his fingers to eat. One time, he let me feed him with a spoon. I had been very excited about that at the time.

What happened tonight topped that.

To make sure that Philip’s portion was cool enough, I put it into one of his plastic bowls. I had one of his spoons ready in the hopes that he would let me feed him with the utensil. If so, I had plans to practice using the spoon hand over hand.

It turned out no practice was necessary.

Spoon into dish . . .

Philip took the spoon right out of my hand. Then, he reached for the bowl. I set the bowl on his tray, and he proceeded to scoop up the food and put it in his mouth. By himself.

food into mouth!

I’ll always remember in junior high, during a unit on photography, the teacher said that you should avoid taking pictures of people while they are eating. I hope I can be forgiven in this instance.

Excuse me while I go do a happy dance.

9 thoughts on “Eating it up

  1. Wooooooohoooooo! I hope my excitement for both of you comes across in my comment 🙂 I absolutely LOVE when our kiddos surprise us! What a good feeling to capture it on camera and have it as one of those monumental, enjoyable memories 🙂 Yay!!!


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