Kissing routine goodbye

It was only back in late December that we converted Philip’s crib into a day bed. We had decided it was time to make the change. The new sleeping arrangement seemed to affect Philip’s first night of sleep, but he quickly got used to it. He now had the freedom to climb in and out of bed for his nap or to relax.

A couple of months later, my parents mentioned to us that my aunt was storing a twin bed at her house that once belonged to my grandma. They asked if we wanted it for Philip. Peter and I talked about it, then decided to wait. We had some big expenses that month, and I knew we would need to invest in new sets of sheets. Peter was convinced that Philip would outgrow the day bed at any minute. Sure, I’ve noticed that he is getting taller, but he hadn’t yet outgrown the day bed.

Peter had asked me again when we might get the twin bed for Philip. I suggested that we wait until May, when school lets out for the summer. I figured that would be the perfect time to make a change, since Philip would have to get into a new routine anyway.

May rolls around, and Peter asks me, “When are we getting the bed for Philip?” I had said May, so, to Peter, that meant it was time for the new bed. Sure, I had specified after school let out, but why quibble over the details?

I called my dad as early as was decent on Saturday morning. We agreed that he would help bring the bed over on Sunday. After the phone call, we had to make a trip to the superstore to buy sheets.

My parents brought the mattress, box springs and frame over before supper on Sunday. We weren’t quite ready to disassemble the day bed, so we laid the box spring and mattress on the floor overnight. Philip quite enjoyed having something new to jump on.

Along comes Monday. Philip’s preschool class went on a field trip to the zoo. We decided not to take Philip, so he didn’t have school today. That was the first change in routine.

No school always seems to throw Philip’s day off. The realization that there are only six more days of school this year has been a bit, well, terrified. When Philip doesn’t go to school, it is harder to rouse him in the morning, and keep him active enough to take a nap early enough in the day.

He didn’t fall asleep for his nap until 4:30 pm.

Did I mention that it rained today? It rained several times where I work, but was only cloudy and chilly at home. Well, that was the case until I was driving home from work. I was late coming home because I needed to pull over to take a phone call.

Another change in routine.

It wasn’t just a light drizzle when I got home-there was thunder and lightning. Philip was still napping, but there was no way I was taking him outside in that weather for our evening walk with the dog. Not that Philip’s state of wakefulness mattered. The dog refused to step outside. The only thing he dislikes more than getting his paws wet is thunder.

So much for that routine.

Since a walk was out of the question, I went ahead and began making supper. Unbeknownst to me, Peter goes upstairs to start taking apart the day bed. He had decided that we needed to put together the bed RIGHT NOW.

I turned down the burners on the stove and crossed my fingers that the pork chops wouldn’t burn.

We spent the next hour taking apart the day bed, moving the parts up to the attic and then setting up the twin bed. Philip awoke during this time and came upstairs to supervise. He was excited by the sight of the new bed.

New, not routine.

We had to rearrange some of the other furniture in order to place the bed, but I told Peter we needed to eat first. Philip didn’t want to eat anything. My little carnivore rejected pork chops. Fine. Maybe something crunchy? Nope-no Cheezits or pretzels.

So much for a supper routine.

By the time supper was over, the rain had caused a moat to form around Philip’s sand box. There was no way we could play in the backyard after supper, especially since the rain continued to fall. I had to drag the dog outside to tinkle. He took one look out of the door and then looked at me as if to say, “You have got to be kidding.” The thunder had lessened which was the only way I got him out to the yard.

Meanwhile, Philip had ventured up to his room to investigate the changes. The combination mattress and box springs is much taller than his old day bed. At first, I had to help him up onto the bed, but he eventually figured out how to climb up by himself.

Since routine had been shot all to hell, instead of a bath, I gave Philip a shower tonight. Since it was warm in the house and we weren’t going outside, I had let Philip run around in a diaper ever since I had changed him after his nap. So, Philip didn’t even have his full routine of undressing.

After bath time, Philip came downstairs as he usually does. But while I was in the kitchen putting something away, he went back upstairs. He had to go check out his new bed again. He discovered that he can lean over the side to invert his head. Then he discovered he can keep leaning until he goes over the side head first.

Oh boy. We might end up with another goose egg soon.

The good news is that Philip seems to like the bed.

Yet, just because he likes it doesn’t mean that it won’t be disruptive.






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