Goose egg (and habit building) update

Last night, Philip fell and bumped his head, ending up with a goose egg on his forehead. I’m happy to report that, by morning, the swelling had gone down and the bruise is red but subdued. When Philip’s grandma stopped by today, I had to point out the location of the injury since it’s not as obvious today.

Philip’s boo-boo doesn’t seem to be bothering him. Instead, allergies are plaguing. The high pollen count has caused sneezing, sniffling and a runny nose. That, at least, it was I’ve been telling myself. I hope this is not the beginning of another cold.

On our weekly trip to the library, I not only had to return our borrowed items, I also had some books to donate. I had the books in a bag and stopped by the container for donations. I had an “aha!” moment and decided I didn’t need to do all of the work myself. I showed Philip how to drop a book through the slot and then let him do the rest. Feeling truly inspired (if a bit slow on the uptake), I also let Philip return our library items.

Why I never thought of this before is beyond me. Sure, it took a little longer to return the items. We let some other patrons go before us since they shoved multiple items in the drop boxes while Philip returned ours one by one. But it’s not as if we were in a hurry. I’m not going to the library just to select and check out items. I take Philip with me so he can make his ritual stop at the fish tank, so he can watch the ceiling fans on the second floor, so that he can play with toys that we don’t have at home, so that he can practice picking up after himself, so that he can learn to stand and wait patiently while we check out, so that he learns to appreciate the resources available at a library.

First Philip built a tall stack with the blocks, then he assembled shapes using a single color at a time.

Libraries are amazing places. This mom sure learned a valuable lesson at one today.


3 thoughts on “Goose egg (and habit building) update

  1. Glad to hear his little head is okay:) That’s so great that you discovered a teaching moment in a real life situation. Seriously. They might seem little to some folks but including him in something you do that helps him practice gross motor skills, do something repetitive which he probably loves and do something cause and effect…I like to think I’m on a learning curve too. Have a good weekend.


    1. We obviously both have summer on the brain-I saw that you reblogged a post about finding summer programs. I guess the thought that there are only 6 more days of preschool has motivated me to find more opportunities to teach Philip at home and while we are out and about.


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