Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

This week WordPress has challenged bloggers to present photos that mean “Together.”

I like this word and how it relates to Autism Awareness Month. We are in this together.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

    1. Thanks. It’s funny-sometimes I spend quite a bit of time crafting my posts. I start a draft, add to it, proofread and revise. Last night, though, it was fifteen minutes to midnight and I had no post ready to go. Thank goodness for the photo challenge or I would have missed a day of my blogathon.
      So why is that funny? According to my WordPress notifications, this post has received the most likes ever on my blog. Ha!


  1. Funny how some of the quickest posts we publish can be some of the best. I love this shot, especially with the dog in it! 🙂 Fabulous entry for the weekly photo challenge!


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