Thirteen Things Thursday: My Autism Awareness

Thirteen insights I have gained during Autism Awareness Month

1. By thinking about and planning what I might write in this blog, by researching and preparing to write posts, by writing the posts and by reading blog posts by others this month I learned more about Autism Spectrum Disorder in general and how it specifically relates to my life .

2. Through these same activities, I discovered that I have so much more to learn.

3. In order to teach Philip good habits/skills, I first need to break myself of some bad habits.

4. Imagining how Philip is perceiving and experiencing the world can help me either avoid assaulting his senses  or to gain his attention in order to communicate with him.

Even when I have a cool new object to look at, I might need to close my eyes for a bit

5. It’s okay to ask for help. So says my mom after reading this melodramatic post.

6. Guess work and superstition don’t help Philip. I must observe his behaviors, experiment in my responses, observe some more, ask questions, research and make decisions based on facts.

In order to stop Philip from climbing the shelves, I have to figure out what he gets out of it-sensory input or a particular object. Right now, he's trying to get a metal chicken lawn decoration.

7. Further, my decisions about what activities we do or where we go can’t be based on what other people think, what they might say, how they might judge us, but on what is best for Philip and our family.

7. Taking Philip outside of his comfort zone can be scary for both of us, but also leads us to sharing wonderful experiences.

8. I have so many of my own quirks and foibles, who am I to judge anyone because of some diagnosis?

9. Not only are people on the spectrum diverse, so are the people who love them and write about them.

Daddy doesn't blog, but he loves me just the same

10. While autism certainly presents challenges, it also brings gifts and opportunities.

11. I find that the rituals and routines that we have created for Philip’s benefit, like our evening walk, bring me just as much joy and comfort.

Our evening walk

12. I’ll keep writing this blog for myself even after this month is over, but it is rewarding to know that others sometimes take the time to read and remark on it.

13. Thirty days of awareness is not enough.


4 thoughts on “Thirteen Things Thursday: My Autism Awareness

    1. Thanks. It’s funny-sometimes the photos inspire the post and sometimes I can find photos that fit.
      Only a few more days to go on our blogathon (ha-spell check wants to change that word to bloodbath!). I saw an unrelated blogging challenge for the month of May and considered it for one millisecond.
      I look forward to reading the rest of your posts for the month and beyond. Thanks for your words of encouragement.


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