‘Cause wakin’ up is hard to do

I called Peter to let him know I was heading home from work.

“Did Philip take his nap?” I asked.

“He’s just now falling asleep.


It was too good to be true. Last night, Philip was asleep by 10 pm. That’s early for him. And then he slept through the night. In fact, I couldn’t rouse him by the time I left for work. So, even though I can’t fathom why he would get such a good night’s sleep yet want to sleep in, I wasn’t surprised that this affected his afternoon nap time.

Sure enough, when I arrived home this evening, I found Philip asleep on the couch. Just like last Friday. A nap sounded like a good idea to me, too, but I knew that it wouldn’t be good for either of us to sleep now. I changed Philip’s diaper, put on his shoes and carried him to the backyard.

Philip continued to sleep in my arms. I like to think I’m getting in some strength training this way. Unfortunately, since I rarely do any actual strength training anymore, my arms got tired, so I squatted down and put Philip on my knee.

He rubbed his eyes and struggled to open them. To get him inspired, I pushed the lid off of his sandbox with my foot. I think he recognized the sound because he blinked his eyes open. He glanced down and decided to leave my arms.

He was upright, but still waking up.

Soon, he was walking about the yard, pausing to rock side to side.


Want to learn more about sleep problems and Autism Spectrum Disorder? Check out this article on WebMD, this one at Autism Speaks, or this one at autism-help.org.


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