Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

I was inspired to participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge when I came across Comments from Cathy. She created this post and this post in response to the theme “arranged.”  The author also has a child with autism. I agree with her that I can easily find examples of arranging in Philip’s world, and the theme fits well with my goal of composing posts for Autism Awareness Month. Thanks to autism, Philip perceives patterns that I do not. While it is important that I do not permit him to become obsessive in arranging objects, I also believe that doing so can be calming or offer satisfaction.

Philip arranges food at meal times.

He arranges toys during play.

He arranges classroom materials at preschool.

He arranges tub toys at bath time.

He arranged gifts at Christmas.

He arranges his crayons while coloring.

He arranges just about anything.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

  1. Hello! I’m glad to see that you participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge! I love the way Philip arranged the toys on the tub! Also, we often had to step over long lines of things my daughter arranged. Sometimes it’s very difficult to redirect my daughter; you’re right it seems to satisfy her. She has some control over her surroundings and it makes her happy. 🙂


    1. I really enjoyed putting this post together. And it was your posts that inspired me.
      I like how to put that-“control over her surroundings.” I can just picture you stepping over lines of objects.


      1. That puts a smile on my face because I was inspired by my daughter! Our children face many challenges. It would be very easy for me to focus on the negative. I also want to make people aware that our children can also be creative and positive. My daughter has her tough days, but for the most part she is a delighfully happy person! Thanks for sharing your story and for making a connection. I’m sure we’ll have more to say as our journeys continue! Peace. 🙂


    1. As I said to Cathy G, seeing her post was an “aha” moment. I’ve seen the photo challenge before, but have just drawn a blank when trying to imagine what pictures I might take or select. But seeing her share her daughter’s arrangements was both creatively inspiring and reassuring.


  2. Great post:) This is a great idea and I’m going to definitely check out Cathy’s posts. My son has always lined things up and I guess he still does but it has changed. He likes putting books away on the shelf “just so”, he likes to line up his cars but now that he is starting to talk he tells me he’s creating a “traffic” like on the busy street by our house. He can’t help himself but at the drug or grocery store he has to “fix” the mess on the shelves line stuff up but the staff think its great:)

    I think he does it when he is having sensory overload or some anxiety and because its an easy motor planning activity for him it makes him feel better. Plus the visual stimulation of seeing things lined up feels good too.

    The other thing is I think for my son the lining things up and seeing and making patterns changed in a good way. He could start stacking blocks, building towers, and he has gotten very good at doing puzzles.

    In junior kindergarten they are learning numbers and letters and when the teacher takes a sequence and removes some and wants the children to try and figure out what is missing. She says he figures out instantly before the other 4 and 5 year olds and before she even gives instructions. So maybe there is another plus side of liking to line things up….being very good at visual sequencing:)


    1. This made me chuckle because I realized that, here I am, a supposedly neurotypical adult, and I have a compulsion to fix things on shelves at stores, too!
      I look forward to the time when, either through spoken language or some other means that Philip can tell me what he sees.


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