This is my 1 in 88

The CDC released numbers about the prevalence of autism this week. Briefly, they announced that 1 in 88 children has been identified with an autism spectrum disorder and that 1 in 54 boys will be diagnosed with ASD.  A quick search of the topic showed many online news articles reporting the data along with lots of bloggers discussing the statistics and their implications.One blogger, Diary of a Mom, wrote about the news here and encouraged others to tweet pictures to put faces to these numbers (search for the hashtag #1in88 on Twitter for examples). Another blogger that I follow shared her photo in this post.

Since April is Autism Awareness Month, I decided to join in and share pictures of my 1 in 88, my 1 in 54:

My 1 in 88 jumping on his trampoline

My 1 in 88 savoring some cookie crumbs

Here are links to just a few of the other bloggers showcasing the ones they love and putting faces to the numbers.

Lou’s Land: One in a MILLION!

Between Hope and a Hard Place: More than a Number

The Thinking Moms’ Revolution: Meet the Thinking Moms’ Children

Footprints in Time: 1 in 88 …not just numbers, People

Red Shoes, Autism Blues, and Pinks, and Purples…: 1 in 88

threepuzzlepieces: People-Not Just Numbers

the kitchen creative: Shine a Light on Autism

Try Defying Gravity: What About Now?

My 1 in 88 swinging at the park

Feel free to share links to similar posts in the comment section.


stark. raving. mad. mommy had readers submit photos and then created this video. I had to add it to my post.


14 thoughts on “This is my 1 in 88

  1. Thanks for stopping by my other blog, Every Day I See A Cow. I’m lucky to have two healthy boys but I’m sure they’ll get to have classmates who may not be so lucky. A good lesson for them to learn about differences and acceptance. A friend of mine is petrified about autism and takes many steps to hope her kids won’t “develop” it, even though some things probably happen inside the womb. I think becoming a parent implies so many responsibilities, many of us freak out about anything and everything. And I think it’s alright, because it shows we care. Keep caring and keep sharing.


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