Hide n seek

As we had confirmed during his autism screening, Philip’s receptive language is delayed. That being said, we have seen improvement over the past few months. The greatest improvement has been in peekaboo games. I say this because of the social aspect. Philip spends so much time in his own world, that it is nice when he joins us, especially to play.

Tonight, while I was frying up bacon for supper, Philip kept opening and closing the one of the kitchen cabinet doors. At some point, I realized that he was standing so that he was closing the door on himself. I knew that he would never be able to close it completely since it’s a physical law that no two objects can occupy the same space. Right?

He was just here a minute ago

Um, where did he go?

In the cupboard in his room? No.

In the clothes hamper? No.

Behind the couch? No.

How about in the built-in cabinets in the dining room?

Just my size

Not tonight.

I brought Peter out to the kitchen. He asked, “Where’s Philip?”

The door popped open:

“There he is!” said Peter.

And Philip looked at him and smiled.

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