Mini trampoline

No more Philips jumping on the bed?

After hearing us talk about the sensory benefits of jumping, my dad decided to order Philip a mini trampoline. It arrived earlier this week. I didn’t know that Dad had made the purchase when he called me to request Peter’s help in assembling something in a box. Peter, not able to assist that evening but not wanting to wait to find out what was in the box, sent Philip and I over to my parents’ when we were headed to the store for milk.

When we got there, Philip, not surprisingly, was fascinated by the box.

My dad and I were amused when, after we turned the box over to reveal the picture of the trampoline inside, Philip started jumping on the box.

Philip and I left to finish our errands. For the next few days, we opted to stay home out of the cold, snowy weather. This evening, when we went for our weekly Sunday supper, Peter and Grandpa were finally able to put together the mini trampoline. Philip “helped.” This consisted of sitting in the middle of the overturned device as the legs were screwed on. And staying there as attached the cover  to the frame.

Right before we were ready to set the trampoline upright and attach its handle, Philip tried to loosen the straps that hold the cover to the frame. The ones that we struggled to put on. Frustrated when he couldn’t undo them, Philip started to cry. Fortunately, Peter was able to quickly put the handle on so that Philip could start jumping. Here is a smiling Philip trying out the fully assembled trampoline under Grandpa’s supervision.

Jump for my love. Or for fun. Whatever you please.

UPDATE: This blog post asserts that the mini-trampoline is the second greatest invention for the autism world.

11 thoughts on “Mini trampoline

  1. Cynthia, I so truly and thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, every blog entry that you have made. I feel like Ive been through your journey with you. My sister has a young son who is 8 who was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder around the age of 4 1/2. and so I found every ounce of information that you have provided us with to be very interesting. I only wish that they had been as “lucky” as you and able to help my nephew at a much earlier age. You are so on track and this will be a challenge but one that you WILL overcome and you will prevail and we all will be routing for you and your husband and Philip every step of the way!!! Way too go!


  2. *smiles* we got a mini trampoline a month ago and wow its been a blessing. My little guy can only jump on a trampoline so its funny to see him have fun on it. It also helps stimulate my son’s vestibular system since he can be pretty clumsy at times. How’s Philip enjoying it?


    1. He was jumping up a storm this evening! Sometimes he just likes to lay on it. The funny thing is that when Philip had his play-based assessment at the preschool, he was scared of the trampoline. Wouldn’t get on it. Now he is a big fan.


  3. The trampoline is a huge hit with my sensory seekers…and we have a big exercise ball that they love to use, as well…great for their core AND sensory needs!


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