PECS at home with Mrs. T

Shortly before Christmas break, Philip’s teacher and speech therapist invited us to the preschool for a demonstration of PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System). I documented the experience in this post. The reason for the demonstration was to introduce Peter and me to the techniques so that Philip could begin using PECS at home.

This morning, Philip’s speech therapist, Mrs. T, came to our house to follow-up on our training. She graciously offered the home visit during her winter break. It was very helpful to have her come and work with all of us this morning. We were too busy to get any pictures. Instead, I took a picture of Philip’s communication book. You can see from the two pictures velcroed to the front that Mrs. T helped personalize the pictures to suit Philip’s taste.

On the last day before his break, the teachers sent home Philip’s communication book, the teacher’s manual for PECS, a set of our own pictures for the book and two of Philip’s favorite toys from the classroom.

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