A visit from MJ

Peter’s younger sister, MJ, came to visit us today. She and her partner, Dorothy, hadn’t been to our place in Ashland yet. They arrived around 11:30 am. We gave them the tour and then sat down to visit. We really had a chance to talk to them since Philip had started preschool. They asked questions about his likely autism as they observed him play.

While Philip napped, the four adults played cards. MJ beat us all at Rummy.

After Philip awoke from his nap, we shared an early supper of fried chicken. In keeping with his routine of coloring after he eats his evening meal, I brought out his crayons and coloring books. Aunt MJ took on the role of crayon exchanger. Philip even let her color on the pages with him. Here they are coloring under the supervision of Dorothy.



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