Philip’s Blue Book

Today was the quarterly library book sale. While Philip napped, I went to the library to grab some cheap books. During the last hour of the sale, you can fill a bag with paperbacks for $1.00. I opted for the other deal-$2.00 for a bag full of hardbacks. I like to stock up on the board books for Philip.

Philip was still asleep when I got home. Peter helped me unload my finds. We put some of the books on the top shelf for later. I set aside a few Christmas-themed books as well as some oversized books. Peter picked out a “Blue’s Clues” book that plays music.

When he awoke, Philip was cranky. He kept crying. I tried taking him outside, but that trick didn’t work. So, we gave him the new-to-him “Blue’s Clues” book. He was still grumpy, but, soon, the novelty of the book served as a distraction.

He ended up in a much better mood as the evening progressed. He’s been carrying around the new book, but also playing with his car toy. If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!


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