Aunt Kathy’s Kitty Cat

I took the day off of work so that Peter and I could both go to Philip’s three-year wellness check. Over the next few weeks, I’m certain that I will be sharing more about today’s visit with the pediatrician. But I didn’t take any pictures of the visit, so this post will be about our afternoon.

Peter has agreed to watch a friend’s cat while he goes on vacation. This afternoon we drove up to the friend’s station in Rocky River to pick up the house key. Since we were in the neighborhood and since she had called when we were on the way to the doctor, we decided to also stop by Peter’s sister’s apartment, too.

Kathy has two cats, but the one was hiding under the bed during our visit. Twinkles, however, greeted at the door. Philip is less familiar with cats, but was certainly unafraid. I think he wanted to touch Twinkles, but, as you can see from this picture, the cat was vocal in protesting this plan.

What do you have to say about that?

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