Brookside Park

On Saturday, Philip didn’t take his usual nap. He and I slept in until 8 am. Despite a trip to Home Depot and lots of play in the backyard, Philip wasn’t worn out enough by late afternoon to take a nap. He finally fell asleep for 10 minutes when I took him out in the stroller in the early evening, but I had to rouse him when we returned; otherwise, he would have taken too late a nap and not been able to sleep last night.

In order to avoid a repeat of naplessness today, I made sure that Philip got up earlier. I also decided to take him to Brookside Park. I haven’t been there since we moved back to Ashland. My mom has ventured there a couple of times, but I decided to try it out myself.

It was odd to drive to the park. It’s been many years since I’ve done so, and I was surprised to encounter a one-way street where I don’t recall one being before. I also wasn’t sure I would know where to find the enclosed toddler area. Fortunately, it was easy to spot. I parked and walked Philip over to play.

Unlike the toddler area at Cahn Grove Park, there is no sand box at Brookside’s. Instead, there is a merry-go-round that Philip alternately spun and hit like a drum, slapping both palms down to hear the metal boom. We stayed to play for about 45 minutes, at which time Philip was more interested in throwing wood chips than in exploring the slides and stairs. I took him home where he took a nice long nap.




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