On a stroll

Rain overnight and throughout the day meant that Philip was stuck inside to play on Sunday. Even when the weather was clear, I knew the yard was too damp, chilly and muddy for him. Not that Philip needs Mother Nature’s help in creating mud. On Saturday, Philip kept scooping water out of his pool and dumping it until the dirt was just the right consistency to be flingable mud. I had to stay out of range.

Both Philip and Roscoe were getting stir crazy by mid afternoon, so when the rain subsided into a drizzle, I took them for a couple of walks. The first time, I raised the canopy on Philip’s stroller so that he stayed somewhat dry. By the second jaunt a few hours later, the sun had made an appearance, so the canopy was unnecessary. Dad, however, had washed Philip’s hat, so we donned that before walking to the mailbox at the hospital and back.


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