When you’re smiling

6:39 a.m.


I was not ready to get out of bed as I peered at the clock radio through one eye to check the time. Unfortunately, I should have been up at least nine minutes before. I debated about hiding my head under the pillow when I heard it: a giggle. I wasn’t sure if I could trust my ears, but Peter said to me, “Did you hear that?” “Was that a laugh?” was my reply.

I rolled out of bed and peeked around the corner into Philip’s room. I heard another chuckle. Philip had his face pressed into his pillow. This seemed to amuse him immensely. Since his funny bone was tickled but his eyes didn’t seem to be open yet, I left him in bed.

Must be nice.

I fed and walked the dog and then showered and dressed before a laughing Philip was standing in bed ready to get out. He was still in a good mood.

I can’t say that he was jolly all day long, but I did get a few pictures of a cheery toddler later in the evening. He had emptied one of his toy tubs and was climbing in and out of it.

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