Mr. Sandman

A couple of weekends ago, we drove out to Home Depot to pick up play sand. We decided to start with fifty pounds. Another 25 lbs bag would easily fit in the green plastic turtle-shaped sandbox, but, as is shown in this photo, Philip is an expert at tossing sand out of the box.

Philip is quick to follow the sand out of the box, too. Here you can see that he is digging in the dirt beside his turtle.

It appears that a previous tenant also had a sandbox, but they used some of that green-colored sand. I think the added color attracts Philip’s interest, too. And for some reason, Roscoe has decided that this corner of the yard is going to be his digging spot. When I took Roscoe & Philip out in the yard Thursday evening, they were both busily digging in the corner.

Between the digging and throwing of sand, Philip ends up as a sandy mess. I’ve been timing our trips so that we play after supper and before bath time. I try to brush off as much sand from Philip as possible before going inside, but he still ends up with quite a collection in his diaper. One evening after cavorting in this left behind sand, his scalp was green.

Thursday night, I was trying to clear off as much excess sand as possible from Philip when he made a grab for one of the toy shovels and flung a scoop of sand in the air. Except for when he gets it in his eyes, Philip loves to have the sand cascade over his body. Me-not so much. I was in the line of fire last night, and spent the rest of the evening trying to remove sand from in my hair, behind my ears and along my neck.

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