Things I learned around 1:30 am

There aren’t as many places open 24 hours in Rocky River as I thought there would be.

It is dark along Center Ridge Road with so many businesses closed.

The Plain Dealer is being delivered to stores at this time.

This is when a guy with a backhoe is moving the piles of snow from the Westgate Shopping Center into a dump truck for removal.

The people in the self check-out beside me didn’t know it was after 1 am, so apologized to the clerk for attempting to buy alcohol.

It sucks when the strap on the shopping cart gets stuck, especially in the chilly weather, but Philip can be maneuvered out of it to be put into the warm car.

My fellow shoppers at Giant Eagle smiled at Philip and didn’t look at me like I was a bad mom forhaving my son out at that hour.store_giantEagle

A car ride still does the trick for calming down a restless boy who needs help falling to sleep.

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