My sister-in-law Kathy gave Philip a pair of stuffed pandas a few months ago. As I was writing about yesterday, Philip’s initial reaction of fear gave way to love. He now likes to hold, hug, wrestle and cuddle with the cute black and white pair. Peter and I often have to take a second look when we see the two bears. A glimpse of black and white makes me think I see Roscoe wherever it is that Philip discards them.

When we spent the night at my parents’ on Christmas Eve, we thought we better take some of Philip’s favorite things to help him with the sleepover: one of his body pillows and the two pandas. Both seemed to help, even if he did stay up a bit late that night.

When we went back this past Sunday, we decided that the pandas might be good companions for the hour-long car ride. In the first photo, you can see that he decided to hold onto his furry black and white buddies as soon as we backed out of the driveway. He continued to cling onto them even after he fell asleep.


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