Savoring the Saturday

Despite being mid-November, the weather was mild enough for several Saturday adventures. After breakfast, Philip and I went to the library and drugstore. Philip got to play in the children’s area of the library for quite a while before mean Mommy forced him back into his stroller. The shopping trip tired Philip by mid-morning leading to a slightly grouchy toddler. Since he was already grumpy, Peter and I decided to go ahead and vacuum the house. Both of our boys dislike the vacuum, so we stashed Roscoe in our bedroom and put Philip’s body pillow on the couch.

As soon as Peter brought the sweeper out of the closet, Philip raced to the corner and hid his head. I showed him where his pillow was, so he climbed up onto the couch. Curiosity had him peaking around the corner, but then he buried his head.

Both Roscoe and Philip were glad when we finished cleaning. By that time, Philip was ready for his nap.

After nap time, we went outside to enjoy the warmth and sunshine. We figure this will probably be the last time Philip can enjoy his sandbox for the year.

What do you have to say about that?

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