Halloween card from Grandma

Philip got a card in the mail today. We didn’t have to see the writing on the envelope to know the card was for him from his grandma. We handed Philip the orange envelope. He danced in a circle holding the card for about five minutes.
Just when it seemed he may bore of this, Peter opened it up. Peter and I read the card before handing it over, knowing full well that Philip might either rip or chew the card and render it undecipherable. The card folded out showing a stack of jack-o-lanterns. After we finished looking at the card and reading the note from Grandma, we folded it back up and handed it to Philip.

Another five minutes passed with Philip turning in a circle with the now exposed card. I was busy making supper, so I didn’t witness the moment when Philip discovered that the card unfolded. But there he was dancing in a small circle again checking out the pumpkins on the card.

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