Time for walkies

When Philip got up from his afternoon nap, I wanted to take advantage of the mild temperature by letting him play in the backyard. He had already had several morning adventures. First, there was our trip to the Kamm’s Corner Farmers Market (http://www.kammscorners.com/farmersmarket.html) where we bought onions, red peppers, sweet corn and cucumbers. On the way home from that shopping trip, we stopped at Impett Park. I tried leading Philip to the toddler play area, but he preferred to run and pick up various pieces of litter. He wasn’t interested in watching the Cleveland Rovers Rugby Club (http://clevelandroversrfc.com/) practice, either.

All of these adventures wore Philip out. He started crying in his high chair while I was feeding him lunch, so I put him into his crib where he fell asleep. Which brings us back to after nap. We ate supper and then headed outside with Roscoe. It took some convincing to get Philip out the door. He was busy stacking three of his picture books in various combinations. The sight of me taking away the gate across the kitchen motivated him to drop the books and race to the door. He even tried to turn the door knob.

Once we got outside, I could see that Roscoe was just itching to take a walk. Philip meanwhile, turned grouchy. I decided to stick him in his stroller and walk both him and Roscoe to the end of the block and back. I gave Philip a few crackers, so Roscoe was very interested in staying close to the stroller. However, he is easily distracted with the various scents of the neighborhood and prone to suddenly stopping, starting or changing sides. Needless to say, I’ve never done obedience training with Roscoe. The challenges of handling both dog and stroller mean that I rarely take the  pair of them on walks at the same time.

We made it back safely to our backyard. Philip was still munching on his crackers under close supervision of Roscoe, so I had a chance to take this photo.

One thought on “Time for walkies

  1. LOL!!!! It’s a great picture. The boys walked the dogs for the first time. I was totally worn out when we got back. Worries about dogs, kids, cars and such.


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