Ashland County Fair

It’s interesting to realize that this blog has almost come full circle. It began as my attempt to do daily entries about Philip starting from his first birthday until his second. Several days after Philip turned 1, we went to the Ashland County Fair. Here we are, several days before Philip turns 2, and we visited the fair again. In the mean time, I had to learn to accept the fact that life often gets in the way of our plans. So, instead of daily blog posts with only one photo uploaded, I decided it was more important to capture as many moments as I could with as many photos as it might take to tell the story.
Peter didn’t join us on our trip south today. The constantly fluctuating almost-fall weather has brought on the sniffles. Add to that a sleepless night due to back pain and it made sense for Peter to take a day off and rest while Philip and I traveled.
Philip fell asleep in the car shortly after we got on 71 south. I was glad since that meant he didn’t get fussy while I was driving and since I was fairly certain he would not end up taking a nap after we arrived. He woke up when we got to my parents’ place. They are getting their kitchen remodeled this week, so Dad was painting when we arrived. Once he finished and got cleaned up, we headed to the fair:
We parked and were heading through the gate shortly after the grand opening at noon. After a brief glimpse at the alpacas and the antique tractors, we went to get something to eat. Philip and I shared a pork tenderloin sandwich. Mom got Indian bread and Dad opted for an Italian sausage sandwich.
Having finished lunch, we headed toward the livestock areas. We looked at the poultry, rabbits, sheep, goats, hogs and dairy cattle. Saw many people who I hadn’t seen since back in high school when I showed market lambs.
We could tell that Philip was losing interest in looking at the animals, so we next made our way through the various merchant buildings. We stopped by Aunt Trudy’s table. Mom and Dad tried to find a John Deere shirt for Philip there. He was given a balloon at one of the booths, so he ignored most of the stuff we walked past until he managed to deflate the balloon. The timing of this was perfect as Dad had just bought an order of curly fries for us to share.
We spent almost four hours at the fair. Philip got a little impatient if we stopped for too long, but, overall, he was remarkably well-behaved. He spent the entire time in the stroller which really surprised me.
I’m typing this post at my parents’, so I won’t be able to add photos until later. We’ll hang out here for a while to give Philip a chance to stretch his legs before the hour drive home. During the drive, I’ll have time to contemplate what I’m going to do with this blog.

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