Sitting in Mommy’s chair

Last night, I got up to get Philip’s sandals so that we could go outside to play. When I came back to my desk, there was Philip trying to climb into my chair. I helped him up lest the swivel action lead to an accident. Not only did he take my chair, he grabbed the sandals out of my hand and acted as if he were going to put them on his feet.


I think Philip likes the chair for multiple reasons. First of all, he likes to climb on everything. Second, because it rotates, it’s like having his own private merry-go-round at home. Sometimes I hold him on my lap and turn. That is sure to generate smiles and giggles.

After playing on my chair for a while, we did make it outside-sans sandals. Philip played in his sandbox and around the yard. While investigating the edges of the yard, he found a wrapper from a granola bar. He clutched this in his hand the rest of the evening. He took it into the house, carried it into the bathtub and clung to it as he got dried and dressed. I knew it was time for bed when he dropped it, couldn’t find it on the floor and burst into tears. I picked the wrapper and him up and put them both to bed. When Peter got him out of his crib this morning, Philip brough the wrapper with him.

What do you have to say about that?

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