Baby turtle sandbox

Last week in the office, I remarked in front of two male co-workers that, after work, I was going to take Philip sandbox shopping. “Shut up!” and “Awesome” were the responses. Peter had scouted out options on the internet and, since this was shortly after Philip had vomited on me, I decided my best option might be to order online. The “Baby Turtle Sandbox” arrived early this evening.

I put on Philip’s sandals and jacket, and the whole family headed outside. I carried Philip toward the backyard where Peter had set up  the turtle while Philip napped. When we rounded the corner of the house and the backyard was in view, I put Philip down. He made a happy sound as soon as he spotted the new item and raced toward it.

I think he liked the shape and color, but Philip would have gone off to play in the weeds if Peter hadn’t taken the lid off. Once Philip realized it contained sand, he made more gleeful sounds.  He reached into the sandbox.

He kept grabbing handfuls of sand. Sometimes he would let it slip through his fingers. Sometimes he would squeeze and then throw.

Peter wasn’t sure if Philip would know he was allowed to climb in, so he picked Philip up and set him in the sand. I had specifically chosen to put on his sandals since I knew he would enjoy feeling the sensation of sand on toes. Not to mention that sandals are easy to clean. At this point, Philip expanded his sand exploration repertoire swinging his hands through and sending the sand sailing.  Sometimes, Philip would briefly lay on his stomach to more closely peer at the sand.

The nippy weather prevented us from staying out too long, but there will be nicer weather and more opportunities to play in the new sandbox.

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