Halloween-the ghost dog

No, we are not dressing Philip nor are we taking him trick or treating. He doesn’t need the sugary candy and neither do his parents. Not to mention that yesterday’s beautiful weather is now gone, replaced with cold rain and wind. The rain cleared off this morning so that we could venture out to Penney’s and Walmart. We had a coupon for the former, so we bought a couple of sleepers. I doubt we will have as nice as weather as we did yesterday for some time, so I want to make sure that Philip is dressed warmly for bed. At Walmart we bought an assortment of household items, but we were disappointed to discover that their selection of baby food does not compare to the store in Ashland.

I was going to take today’s picture in Walmart, but then I thought maybe I should get a Halloween-themed photo. Of course, since we aren’t dressing him up or going out again, I’m not sure what I will end up with. I snapped a photo of Philip asleep in his car seat. He nodded off on the ride home from the store. I suppose there is still time to change him into his pumpkin pajamas or to pose him with his stuffed pumpkin.

10.31 invisible dog

In honor of Halloween, I’ve opted to post a photo of Philip walking a ghost dog. Okay-it’s just a pic of him playing with Roscoe’s leash, but work with me here! Philip races to the door every time I return from walking Roscoe. We always rush to unhook Roscoe since we aren’t sure how he’s going to react. If he were to take off suddenly, Philip would certainly lose his balance and fall.

What do you have to say about that?

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