Lakewood Library

The weather was nice enough to take Philip in his stroller to the library.  I can’t seem to remember the last time we went out in the stroller. First it was too cold and then he wasn’t feeling well and then it was cold and rainy again.

10.20 library

Today’s weather was just about perfect. We made a quick stop at CVS and then headed into the library. Philip was fine while I renewed my book and picked out a couple of movies for him. But once we got upstairs, he got fussy. He had his usual serious expression as we checked out. No smiles for the employees today. And he was none to pleased on the way home. The poor guy has some congestion that occasionally is making it hard for him to breathe. When we got home, he was completely unhappy.

He refused to eat and seemed to be having trouble breathing, so I took him in for a bath. That seemed to make him feel better. He quietly played for some time. Then it was time for milk. I think he was going to sleep, but since he still didn’t have his diaper fastened or any clothes on, I kept him awake.

Right now he seems okay. He is playing with our new phone book. Hopefully he will eat something and then go to bed at a decent hour.


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