Today Philip visits the doctor to get his 1 year vaccinations. Since he doesn’t know that yet, it is Mommy and Daddy who are anxious. He cried at his nine-month wellness check even though there were no shots. The nurse said that, even at that early age, he might be remembering the pain from the previous visit. That coupled with the onset of stranger anxiety meant for a tearful visit.
I’m not sure how he will react today, physically or emotionally. I’m taking the day off of work in anticipation of post-shot fussiness. I’m hoping our favorite nurse is working in the office. Even if her presence doesn’t comfort Philip, it will make us feel better.
10.2 doctor's office

Our favorite nurse was there, but she was training her replacement. Today is her last day before retirement. Even though she is very nice, Philip was none too pleased. He cried as soon as I laid him down on the exam table to be measured. He cried when she measured his head, when he was weighed, when she listened to his pulse and when she took his temperature. The latter she did under the armpit, so it’s not as if it was invasive.

In today’s photo, you can see him clinging to me while we waited for the doctor to come in. Surprisingly, he grinned at Dr. Franko. He was fine until Dr. Franko brought out the stethoscope. Again, not invasive, but Philip wasn’t trusting anyone.

Of course, he wailed during the shots. But this was nothing compared to getting his blood drawn. Poor Peter had to hold him while they put the needle into his little hand. The needle came out, but they had a large enough sample. This was definitely the most traumatic part of the visit.

The weather today is chilly, dark and rainy. It is the perfect day to stay home and keep an eye on our little guy to make sure he does okay after his shots.

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