1000 Ausome Things

Ausome Things 151-200

151. Autistic man invents app to communicate when in meltdown

152. A helpful metaphor

153. 3rd grader starts school year with speech

154. Autism is Beautiful

155. Ridding the world of functioning labels: Alternate Spectrum

156. Autistic students stage production of The Lion King

157. Autistic lab worker flourishes at biomedical company

158. Boy uses gift to give back to community

159. Autistic swimmer impresses in pool and classroom

160. Amazing autistic artist

161. Autistic author has a runaway bestseller on his hands

162. Faith Jegede TedTalk:

163. Autistic boy building the world’s biggest Lego ship

164. Bakery gets sweet results from autistic workers

165. Autistic teenager creates ripples with his sketches

166. Mostly autistic cast brings new movie to life

167. Autistic teen bowler strikes down stigma

168. Autistic man uses singing to cope, raise awareness

169. Autistic self-advocate wins $100,000 Ruderman Prize

170. Autistic Tampa boy swings to life thanks to golf

171. Autistic teen sinks 1,000th half-court shot

172. Autistic cartoonist launches comic strip series

173. Autistic figure skater trains hard for 2015 Canada Winter Games

174. Major study led by autistic scientist challenges long-held preconceptions about the condition

175. Autistic singer creates amazing music

176. Ask an Autistic: Why Acceptance? Autism Acceptance Month

177. Celebrate Autistic Awesomeness!

178. Sugar Artists from around the world unite for World Autism Awareness Day

179. Autistic fifth-grader to receive national award for self-advocacy

180. A doodle created by @autisticfeels:

8 thoughts on “1000 Ausome Things

  1. I think it is wonderfull that you share your story, I’m at a clinicat at the moment and there are people on my group with autism and if you drop the word autism somewhere there are a lot of prejudices and I hate that. so, I think it’s great that you write so open about this subject ! *hugs*


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